Ubizo the ancestral calling


I’m not referring to a telephone call but the calling from the gods known as ancestors. It is not everybody who has a calling, it takes a special person to receive
the calling. It is believed that those who have a calling usually receive signs through dreams and then encounter problems that will lead them to go consult with sangomas who will then, diagnose them, for lack of a better word.

You must seek advice about your journey. It is not everybody who has a calling that should to go for this “ukuThwasa” training. It is believed that a calling from the ancestors come in a form of a dream at night during your sleep. Black people believe that ancestors are our forefathers who have long passed this earth. Everything they want from you will be communicated to you through dreams.

When you receive a calling you are either summoned to work for the nation as a traditional healer (sangoma) or prophet. This is how it works, during your sleep, your guides or ancestor from whom you have inherited the “gift” from, will tell you everything they expect from you and they will direct you in all the process they want you to follow and when you wake up you will think it was a dream but it was more like a vision. Confusing right? Don’t be. It is difficult to understand what they really want from you so seeking somebody who works with spirits or ancestors can help you understand the guides. They will tell you which guides are the leading ones in your life and also tell you if the guides are from your father or mother’s side.

You become the chosen one due to the healing powers that need to embraced within you that you’re not aware of or maybe your ancestors themselves didn’t leave a clean living while they were on earth, so they now want to be cleansed through you before you can accept their powers.

Once all this process has been accepted the ancestor will then come forth with the messages as to whether you have to carry on with the thwasa process or not.

Your spiritual master will help you with the information. Though it will be fair if they come straight to you with the message once you’re cleaned. Some are so fortunate that the guides themselves train them in the comfort of their homes.

If you receive such training, they come in dreams and visions and communicate what to do. In this case you can carry on with life under the guidance of your ancestors and once you are done they will instruct you on how to carry the ceremony. In cases where your ancestors can’t train you themselves, which is what I don’t get, they appoint somebody who is going to help you. You and the person they appoint will share the same vision.

It is believed that ancestors are very proud and possessive of their own. They want you to seek permission for every traditional event you want to host, and consult with them if you wish to consult other healers. Remember it is not the sangoma who has the power to heal but the ancestors work through the chosen one. It is not everybody who does the ukuthwasa training and becomes a sangoma.

So don’t be surprised if you don’t get healed when you consult because your ancestors have their own powers and they prefer to sort out their own problems in the comfort of your home. Do ancestors exist? Or do they exist only when you believe in them?

By Mapula Matswalela


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