Signs and whispers from the high power


Lift your hand and feel your heartbeat, racing isn’t it? If we stopped to take in what we are in the middle of; the beautiful sounds of birds singing masked by hooters, the rustling sounds
of leaves, the roaring clouds we hear but never listen to, we would understand that nature was made to serve us at its undisturbed form, the same way the sun shines for us and continues to serve us with light and warmth according to exchanged energy frequency shared between us and it and other life forms involved in the works of the sun.

We are in the middle of immense displays of Divinity. The Universe is constantly providing signs to guide us through life. These signals or whispers from the high power come in different forms, each experience unique to the receiver of the message.


It all starts with a simple acknowledgment, being aware that we are part of something greater and then we will be able to pick up the cues available in abundance to us—we will experience the mysteries and wonders that we read about in books and watch in movies. It is all possible if we slow down and pay attention.

We all have stories to tell about mysteries we have experienced or been part of but we choose to call them coincidences. These happen with dreams, symbols, coincidences and déjà vu to mention a few. All these happen to prepare or remind us of something, to aid assistance or give assurance or warn and comfort us and these mysteries happen out of the high power’s generosity to lend a hand or to answer a call made through prayers or lingering thoughts.

Ever felt a strong force pulling you towards a specific person? That means vibrations are at the same frequency, yours and that person’s. And if you open yourself up and give in to the force you’ll most likely find that you speak the same kind of language. If you allow the force to manifest further the more mysteries you’ll experience, like when you feel like you are losing yourself and that person, out of the blue after months of not talking, they contact you and offer wisdom and encouragement without you ever hinting on how you feel. Thats the high power at its game, ensuring that you are catered for.

There are also dreams that we have that are whispers from the Universe. You can tell them apart from the normal dreams by the impact they have on you, they tend to linger in your mind or recur. The high power uses signs you will be able to dissect, like the common dream of losing a tooth. No one is ever okay with losing a tooth. Just think back of incidences where you nearly lost your tooth in your teen or adult life, daunting is it not? What the higher power is hinting on is that you will probably experience something that will make you feel insecure about who or what you are and it will most likely leave you exposed. This could actually happen or it could be something you fear will happen at your up coming presentation to potential investors. But remember the high power works on individual association, so dreaming of a black cat will mean different things to cat lovers than it would to the rest of us who were raised to believe black cats are bad luck.


The inexplainable sometimes happen, these are things that we just can’t get our hands on. Like dropping your Bible and it falls to a chapter that speaks about the situation you are in—the sudden feel of cold air or a strong scent of a specific cologne or a specific song playing when you miss someone who has departed. These are messages from them assuring us that they are with us and hear us when we scream “show me a sign that you are here with me” and of course other people have intense experiences like hearing the departed’s voice, feeling the departed’s strokes and touch. You are not crazy when you experience these things, its all in the spiritual realm.

You are watched over all the time and the high power is out there to protect you when you need help. You know when you always take this route and you have “this thing” pressing you to take the other route or you drive five minutes only to realize you forgot your phone which you never ever do, and you find out a drunk crushed into traffic and it could’ve been you, you feel it in your gut that it could’ve been you if you didn’t take the other route or gone back to fetch your phone.

So when you are in despair and you are in need of a hand just look around you, pay attention, be conscious of everything happening around you. It does not end only with these signs, there are bigger and more majestic interventions by the high power, and the high power is God, the Universe, guardian angels and whatever or whoever is omnipotent to you. The high power is intuition. Listen to it.

By Mapule Dhlamini


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