Siblings are connect by heart


Sometimes siblings can be two peas in a pot close and sometimes they can be pulled apart by their life’s choices.

Relationships with our siblings are the first trial run on how we carry and nourish relationships. We pick up on things we wouldn’t otherwise have if we were the only kids.

A good relationship with a sibling can be a great source of emotional support. Agree or not but a good and healthy relationship with a sibling can contribute towards a great outlook on life and yourself.

Some siblings are so close they go as far as calling each other “best friends” and these kind of relationships grow stronger with every hardship. In order for siblings to build a positive relationship they should allow each other personal space to grow individually-flourish or fail.

Some siblings become closer as adults whilst others drift apart. What keeps these kinds of relationships from falling apart is the quality of them; how often you keep contact with your sibling, what do you talk about, how are you able to adapt and accept to the changes that occur and will continue occurring.

Siblings don’t always have everything in common-they can have different views and approach life differently but respect and acknowledgement of each other’s individuality and life choices plays a vital role in keeping the relationship intact. And also setting boundaries and respecting them contributes in keeping a healthy relationships with a brother or a sister.

Setting boundaries has helped my relationship with my sister thrive. Our relationship works because we respect each other’s judgments and know when to support each other. We know that we don’t have a right to interfere in each other’s relationship or personal lives just because we are sisters. We have limits. Siblings are meant to support not meddle.

I think that most siblings rift apart when one finds a partner that the other might not approve of. Remember I mentioned that siblings need to set boundaries? It becomes somewhat of a burden when one of the siblings has a tendency of interfering in another’s romantic relationship and they have to be constantly reminded of the crossed boundary.

Rule of thumb; remember that you are siblings not lovers. A strong relationship is about laying rules; what you are comfortable with or not, where personal space begins and ends, and when to and not to interfere.

Communication is a key in maintaining a good relationship with a sibling. Simple things like remembering important life’s events, calling or SMSing each other to keep in check.

It is very comforting to know that you have one person in this world who thinks, acts and behaves like you and who reassures you that whenever you need to go to war they will have your back and they will be fighting by your side. Distance apart or not, siblings will always be connected by heart.

By Mapula Matswalela


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