Moving towards Consciousness


I don’t want you to think moving towards consciousness is about pilgrimages and being vegan or holding up placards that read “the enemy is in technology” no. I want us to unpack this phenomena, if I may call it that, and just maybe we will start to understand the weirdos who walk barefoot and speak of simpleness, adventure and nature as if it were the essence of life.

We are all born with a personality, this is the part of us that has not been molded-it is just what it is. We then experience different things in life which are all stored in a file alongside stories we hear from friends, family, acquaintances and media.

From these stored files we are able to create a reality for ourselves. We create “go to” reactions which are ready to pop from the slightest sign of good or bad.


When someone steals from me, he is bad and should be punished with jail time. When someone cheats on me, he is selfish and should be punished with divorce. When a waiter takes long to serve me, he is an idiot, and should be punished with a scene and a 10cents tip.

All these reactions are second nature to us. We don’t take a situation on its merit-we take past experiences and those of others and let them lead our life choices and this becomes a bitter cycle.

Why do we do this? Because we are dominance driven. We live in a world where its either you are inferior or superior. And why would we not be inclined to superiority when it comes with power, high ranking and respect?

Consciousness therefore puts thoughts and feelings in every decision made.

Consciousness says I know and I understand that this man broke in my house. I know and understand that him breaking in had absolutely nothing to do with me. I know genuinely happy people spread love and genuinely troubled people cause pain and hurt. So I can deduce that this man is troubled.


A conscious mind is aware of what it contributes to humankind and the creation.

It says I know bad intentions bring out bad results and good intentions bring out good result. So if I choose to get him punished it will only result to bad repucation. A drop of black ink on a black page, no visible change. But it will make me feel good that I have been avenged, an eye for an eye.

Or I could choose to try to understand where he comes from. Be the chance he unknowingly needs. Forgive. White drop of ink on black paper, small but impactful. But how do you reward bad with good? The answer is in why do you switch on the lights in a dark room…

Choosing to lead a mindful life can be challenging at first but it is rewarding; it unburdens the soul, frees the soul from anger, fear and grudges.


Once you fully reach consciousness, the world and its people become a playground of potential beauty and you are eager to contribute towards unravelling that beauty. You start being in control and responsible for your feelings and reactions. And happiness, gratitude, anger and bitterness become a choice not a result of…

And if we are ultimately responsible for how we react and feel, why choose to chain ourselves in a world of an eye for an eye that yes, bring dominion but result it bitterness and vengefulness. Why should respect be earned, love be conditional and worth be proven? Why should we not recognize that we are all made by one hand; oceans, mountains, lions and all? And If my heart is just as important as my brain, then surely nature is just as important as human beings.

By Mapule Dhlamini


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