Alcohol The Silent Killer

image“Before beer was beer it was bread” that is the slogan SAB used to attract its audience with. I’ll now relay a story of a young lady
I know-of how in her attempt to be cool she found herself in deep waters.

She got curious and fell into the trap unknowingly and now she can’t get out. She was tempted at an early age. Her parents were believer and she was forced to attend every Sunday service while all she wanted was to do what her peers were doing.

One Friday afternoon on her way back from school, she bought a bottle of wine and that was the beginning of her troubles. It did not taste quite good but that did not stop her from gobbling the entire bottle. In no time she was one of them-one of the girls she so wanted fit in with.

She bought all kinds of alcohol which she now knew by name. She had now drank all sorts of ciders, shooters, vodkas, cocktails, you name it. She drank alcohol like it was water which led her in heavily relying on it as a source of energy.

She tried by all means to defend her ways using Bible scriptures found in the book of Timothy to support her actions.

Though alcohol made her lose consciousness, affected the way she spoke, made her lose balance when she walked, made her lose her pride and dignity, she still loved it.

She was seen strip dancing, peeing all over herself, kissing one men from another and acting out of character. She would vomit and end up sleeping on her very own vomit.

Humiliating pictures of her made rounds on social media, but that didn’t stop her love for the bottle.

She would wake up with a terrible headache, the results of a hangover and it seemed as though she enjoyed feeling that way, it was an indicator that fun was definitely had. Every time she gets drunk and act all stupid she would tell herself stories of quitting.

She went by as ‘’Nomarusia’’ because of her love for Russian Bear vodka. She once woke up in hospital because of alcohol poisoning. Alcohol was drained from her system and she didn’t even remember how she got there in the first place.

The very same night her friend got raped because she was too drunk to walk home and some lunatic took advantage of her.

That should have been a wake up call to her, but nope, she continued. She blamed everyone for not stopping her from drinking but forgot to blame herself. And the drinking never stopped, so too the blaming. A slave to alcohol.

By Mapula Matswalela


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